Friday, January 18, 2008

The craziest thing I have done lately!!!

Well, I've been thinking of writing something about this for a long time. So, here goes the story(Statutory Warning: Plz dont try this at your college).....
Well, it was a fine night with me and the gang returning after having a superb dinner at SP.... We were sitting around in the central lawns having usual bakar... U know how it is!!!
Anni: "Mahn, i think i over-ate..."
Chhote: "Oh!! So it was you all this time... And I thought its the smell of that dog shit lying behind you..."
Ya, and stuff like that... And suddenly this devil idea crept into our minds... I dont remember where it came from, but somebody said, "Hey! you see the swimming pool over there? Lets go and have a splash..." The first reactions to the idea were- "COOL!!!"- "WHAT!!!" - "HMMM!!!". The idea was insane coz the pool was, obviously, closed. And we weren't supposed to enter it. It was nippi who first pointed out, "Dudes in case u ppl r forgetting, We are in AAI AAI TEE. We ppl get grades for discipline. And its like the only A on most of our grade sheets. You dont wanna screw with that." Actually, It cud have been worse than that... We didnt know wat wud happen if we got caught... But, still I palyed cool, "Nippi, for god's sake, stop being a chick and get a life buddy..."
Actually, the best part of the idea was the risk involved in it... I guess its simply human to find fun in braking the rules... It was not us, it was the adrenaline that forced us to do it... Yes, we decide to go for it... But, before that we needed to make a plan... We planned everything- How to get in?- How to stay queit so as not to alarm the guard(s)?- How to get out in an emergency situation? Everything... And ya chhote made his plan of learning how to swim in one night. Khushu planned to teach Chhote. Nippi planned how to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Anni and Afat planned to have fun. And I.... Well, I just planned to follow everyone else.
So, We all took our towels and reached the swimming pool. On our way to the swimming pool, a dog followed us from the hostel to the swimming pool... I had a sudden feeling that maybe this dog wants to warn us about some danger. It was really frightening. But, it seemed that he was just an old friend of nippi and wanted to say a hi! to him. Well, I cud see the sadness in nippi's eyes when we had to leave the dog out coz he was not able to jump the fence...
The first thing we had to do after getting in was to check for the guard(s) inside... Luckily, for us there was only one guard sitting inside a room. And he also was too busy, in reading some erotic magazine or something of that sort, to notice us. The first step of the plan was cleared. Now, the second and the most important step was to take off our clothes and just get in the pool(though Afat was not able to execute this part properly and gave us all a flash of his a**). Obviously, we were suppposed to do everything quitely. The water was icy cold. But, none of us seemed to care about that. We were having fun. It felt great to break the rules. I fantasized(not in that way!!) about Elisha Cuthbert from "The girl next door", coming upto me and asking me in her supersexy voice "So, What's the craziest thing u've done lately??" and me saying "It is up right now." I still dont know if i said that out loud!!! Well, It was great... All of us were having fun... The feeling was out of this world...(OH!!! C'mon Elisha, I'm trying to write a blog here... Could u plz get out of my head...)
And then after half an hour or so, when we all had our fair share of fun, we decided to leave the place.(And, after all we didnt want to keep nippi away from his long lost friend, the dog, any longer). So, we all got dressed and came back to the hostels. The plan, i guess, was executed nicely...
Well, this was the story. It was fun. Its always fun doing crazy stuff like this. I wish we do it again sometime. Well, the bad part of the story was that the next morning I woke up saying, "Alright
Dude, Who's undies m i wearing!!!"